Lovely No Probllama 100 Days School LLama Teachers shirt

Let’s take this Probllama 100 Days School LLama Teachers shirt, it’s a charming shirt. There are hundreds of activities and lesson plans devoted to the 100th day of school and many books written to help celebrate the day. You may become involved in helping your child with an assignment or preparing for the 100th-day activities. A few of the more common activities include: Bringing in a collection of 100 items on that day. If this is the assignment, you may need to work with your child on selecting an item. Discuss what you may have on hand that you have 100 of and could fit into a container to be taken to school. Your child will then be thinking of both the count and the size of the collection. You might even introduce cost into the selection, calculating how much 100 of that item costs and how much one of the item would cost. Physical activities often must be those that can be done indoors or in the gym due to the date falling during winter. Examples include: Doing 10 sets of 10 different exercises (jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc.) as a way to learn the concept that 10 sets of 10 equal 100. Another easy physical activity is walking 100 steps and measuring how far that is.



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