Great St Nick Delivers! Double Doink shirt

St Nick Delivers! Double Doink shirt is a trending shirt that you should have. “Kickers say they only get noticed when they screw up, and just because that’s an old chestnut doesn’t mean it’s not painfully true. And Parkey, who donged a 43-yard potential game-winning field goal off the upright and the crossbar to send the Eagles to the divisional round with a 16-15 win and send the Bears home, has been noticed a lot this year. Parkey missed 10 kicks during the regular season (three of them extra points), including a Week 10 game against the Lions in which he hit the uprights four separate times. How bad did things get? That week, Parkey mentioned he was going to take some nighttime practice kicks, so a local news station dispatched a helicopter to Soldier Field, before the Bears invoked the rules on filming practice and forced the station to take down the footage.”



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